Yo! I’m Tommy, I’m 23 years old and hail from the North of England! I graduated from Newcastle University in 2016 with a degree in Urban Planning before becoming a District Councillor, where I represented a small and resilient community based on Alston Moor in Cumbria. Following a brief spell in local politics, I’ve returned to the Toon; the city of my rival football club (that’s right, I support Sunderland…)
Why urban design? I chose to study MAUD because of urban design’s holistic and creative principles, where all factors of the urban fabric are studied with the intention of forming clever and imaginative design-based solutions to issues that planning and architecture alone fail to address effectively. One of which would be the massive overdependence on the private automobile, particularly in developed countries. Widening the roads is currently the policy, only this invites more traffic! By the same logic if we were to tactically remove car provision in cities then would we invite less cars? Space could be returned to the pedestrian; the walkers, the runners, the cyclists, the sitters, the people watchers etc. – democracy. Furthermore, I also have a passion for environmentally conscious design, particularly with regards to small to large scale housing projects through for example, passive house design and community farming.
In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, cooking, reading, film, philosophy, stand up comedy and the list goes on. I especially like to travel and observe cities myself, because I can see how urban design takes on a cultural context which is reflective of the society it grows from.