Tara Keswick

Hi, I’m Tara, a Master of Architecture student in my sixth year. I studied my undergraduate degree at the University of Bath and grew up in Hertfordshire.
I think that reusing buildings and minimising new material usage and production, is the most sustainable approach to development. Our heritage and existing buildings have great social value in our communities and it’s important that we conserve, develop and use these spaces. These buildings must evolve with societal changes so that are viable developments in contemporary society whilst being maintained so they can be enjoyed for future generations.

Back to the Studio!

My time posting on the Newcastle University Urban Design Blog is over and it’s time to reflect on my experience, skills learned and how the process could be improved for future Urban Design students. It’s been very interesting to see the different ways in which each of the lectures have been interpreted or the ideas…
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The High Street: From Doom to Boom?

Charette Week at Newcastle University school of Architecture Landscape and Planning is an opportunity for inter-disciplinary discussion between artists, sculptors, architects and researchers around a central theme. Last year’s Charette Week revolved around the theme of the High Street, therefore I chose to reflect on the demise of the UK’s High Streets and reflect on…
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Generation Retrofit: Fabric, Function and Finance

Is demolition within our cities inevitable? How do we choose what is retained and what is removed? What from our existing building fabric is worthy of conserving as we make way for the new? These questions were highlighted during John Sparkes’ lecture on the regeneration of Sunderland and the ongoing issues with re-planning cities in…
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Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay: Landscape Urbanism or Landscaped Urban?

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay: Landscape Urbanism or Landscaped Urban? In a moment of movements such as Extinction Rebellion, environmental and ecological concerns are at the forefront of everyone’s agenda. With 70% of the world’s population living in cities by 2050, it is paramount that we must find sustainable ways of living in and developing…
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