Van Consul

Just an ordinary lad who like cities, towns and fish and chips. Im originally from Philippines and migrated in the UK 9 years ago. I’m an MA Urban Design student who is interested on the topics of mitigation and resilience to tackle the issues of climate change and wider societal issues. With these topics in mind, I am keen on testing and applying mitigation and resilience into design projects for MAUD. I have a noble dream to work closely with people who are in settlements and have an impact into their daily lives.

Building for Life 12: Park View, Miller Homes Gateshead

Introduction Miller homes park view is a residential development that is situated by the former site of Gateshead College. The site is placed west of Durham Road, east of the Saltwell Park and Saltwell Cemetery. In this post, the author will analyse using the BFL checklist on his impression, perception and observation during the self…
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From my personal experience, writing for a blog format assessment has been a learning curve for me. The nature of blogging is slightly different from writing an academic language when I was an undergrad. It is hard to know the right ingredients if there is a fine line boundary in regards of how much of…
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The life of a person who lives in a ‘copy and paste’ housing developer’s principle

The place I currently live, there is a lot of housing and neighbourhood constructions that are taking place. Places like Ashington, Cramlington, Bedlington and the rest of Northumberland has their own housing constructions with similar housing developers. (Persimmon Homes, Gleeson Homes, Barratt Homes just naming few.) As of the moment, UK is facing a housing…
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The rising of sea levels and floating homes in Netherlands

Everytime we think about our future and our environment, the first thing that pops out in our head is ‘the climate change’. This particular issue has dominated our conversations, thoughts and future actions. This societal and ecological dilemma has sparked younger generation’s enthusiasm and developed a voice to challenge our government to take action. An…
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Emotional High Street: Why go up when you could go down

Throughout the first week of academic year, the entire architecture school holds a week long challenge that tackles societal problems that faced in our community. This year, the challenge was called ‘High Street’. Every student on our MA Urban Design course was given a chance to choose 3 studios out of 10 of their own…
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