Tori Ellis

Hi, I’m Tori, a 6th year MArch student at Newcastle University. Enhancing the lives of others is my passion. Architecture is the medium I hope to achieve this through.
John Rawls and Richard Rogers concepts that a fair society needs designing through a ‘veil of ignorance’, arranging affairs ‘without knowing what your position would be – rich or poor, handsome or ugly, healthy or ill’ has particularly influenced my design ethos. As our societal inequality gap and environmental crisis exacerbates, I’m keen to actively engage with communities, politics and cultures, to create urban environments for all citizens, indiscriminate of circumstance.

Garden Villages: A 19th century solution to a 21st century problem?

CAN GARDEN VILLAGES SOLVE TODAY’S PROBLEMS OR DO THEY MERELY RISK CREATING DISGUISED SUBURBIA?   Turning in his grave or jumping for joy, how would Ebenezer Howard, mastermind of the Garden City movement, react to the latest wave of garden villages to be announced? Unfortunately, it could easily be the former. Seaham, a harbour town…
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