Winnie Wing Yee Wong

Hello, my name is Winnie Wong and I am a local born Chinese Geordie! I decided to do my MA Urban Design at Newcastle University, after graduating from my Bachelors in Architecture and Urban Planning in summer 2018; from the same university. I wanted to stay in the city because I believe that there are a lot of opportunities for development and would like to be part of that process. An area of Urban Design that I find interesting are the definitions of public and private space, which led me to focus my dissertation on the unused spaces for future homes in a populated city. My interests stemmed further in to public furniture after I voluntarily designed some modal filters for the Transport Department at Newcastle City Council. During my spare time I enjoy doing photography, volunteering at Vane Gallery and taking part in creative events. I hope you will understand me more through reading my blog post!

The Road: A Public Territory?

Introduction: What is the idea of urban transport? Is it simply a trendy system, or towards the future of sustainable development and sharing road surfaces? In the present day the road can reflect segregation between car, pedestrian and cyclists. There is a hierarchy present. Perhaps, the road before the New Age would present much more…
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A Spec of Colour

An aspect of urban design that I want to share is the use of colour in the public space. I wonder why colour is not often used in the public arena. The use of colour can be defined as colourscape and can be used to activate spaces, providing character to an area but also linking…
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