Xinmin Yan

It's a pleasure for me to be here to present myself. I’m Xinmin Yan, as known as Yvette. I previously studied BSc Urban and Rural Planning in my hometown, Nanjing. It is the first time and exactly a challenge for me to study abroad.

What makes me not afraid to come here, is probably the interest for urban design. Coming from an ancient capital of China where preserves several historical districts with strong cultural contexts, I am particularly passionate about the transformation and upgrading of ancient architectural communities, especially coordinating urban spaces, architectural spaces and human activity spaces through using a modern and technical method in order to establish a sustainable urban environment for citizens.

Outside of Urban Design, I am attempting to make my life flavored, like learning how to cook, traveling more. I hope that when I recall the time in Newcastle later, I will think it is a meaningful and memorable period.

What does a sustainable neighbourhood look like?

Respond to the lecture “Design of Neighbourhoods” by Ali Madanipour, Professor of Urban Design The concept of neighbourhood planning has extraordinary persistence, especially in the practice of British and American planning. It withstood the devastating criticism of “the doctrine of salvation by bricks” (Jacobs, 1961) and “the non-place urban realm” (Webber, 1969). Finally it reappeared…
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Making Spectacular

Charrette week annually offers students from Newcastle’s university of Architecture, Planning and Landscape a platform to devise a combination of creative outputs. This year, the theme of the project that I participated in called “Making Spectacular”. The aim of it was to abstractly establish a pleasing community with some objects. Preparation period   Our group…
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