Hi there, I’m Yilan Zhang (Winona) and I’m from Taiyuan, a medium city in the north of China. I’m not new to NCL University. Actually, this is the fifth year I’ve been here. I studied Architecture and Urban Planning and have just graduated this year. I felt interested in the module outline of Urban Design and made a decision to study here for one more year. I’m passionate about the relationship between urban green spaces and human health and wellbeing. Furthermore, how people interact with the space in between the buildings is another topic that I’m interested in. I believe that Urban design will give me a chance to explore my areas of interest more this year. I have to say that Newcastle is a brilliant city to live in due to its friendly atmosphere. Four-year period in a whole life seems like a short term but for me, this four-year experience should definitely be one of the most significant and unforgettable parts of my life. This year is a beginning for me, but also can be seen as the end of a student life journey. I hope I can have a more memorable time here.

A Reflective Summary: Blogging Experience in Semester One

  The blogging experience in semester one is my first-time attempt to create the academic blogs. I enjoyed reading blogs before, but this is a new challenge for me to write one by myself. The lectures under the module Principles and Practices of Urban Design have provided us a lot of brilliant topics and theories…
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Comments on Tokyo Vertical Garden City by Tomonaga Kosaku

In the post, Tomo has introduced us the vertical garden city in Tokyo. He mentions that sustainability has become a significant factor applied in urban design. In order to develop the city as a sustainable city, Tokyo government has tried to design the city as a green city first. However, due to the large population…
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Urban Design: Health, Well-being and Flourishing

The design of urban environments has the potential to enhance the health and well-being of residents by impacting social determinants of health including access to public transport, green space, and local amenities. Ng and Popkin (2012) argued that people in many countries have reduced their physical activities over the past few decades. In the 19th…
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Comments on Sustainable Urban Transport in Chinese Cities by Runyu Zhang

Runyu has discussed on analyzing sustainable urban transport development in Chinese cities. She pointed out that China has partly ignored environment issues in past decades under its rapid development. Nowadays, people are suffering from the heavy traffic issue and air pollution problems, that especially in big cities. Within the urbanisation process, cities in China have…
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Sharing-bikes: A “New Normal” for Sustainable Transport in Chinese Cities.

“The definition of mobility today is no longer just about traditional transport, it now entails application of the latest technologies, including big data, digitalized infrastructure, and cloud computing, to solve problems not only in the transport sector but also in urban planning, environmental protection, and sustainable development,” said Randeep Sudan, an Information Communication Technology advisor…
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Charrette: the Wall

Newcastle University 2017/2018 Charrette Week Project: the Wall

INTRODUCTION TO CHARRETTE Charrette Week in Newcastle University starts every academic year bringing a host of artists, architects, engineers, designers and thinkers to the University to run a series of week-long design projects. This week could be seen as an annual design festival for School of Architecture Planning and Landscape. Students from a variety of…
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