Hello! My name is Yali Gao and you can call me Grace, the same meaning as my Chinese name. In light of the knowledge that I have received in Architecture of Xiamen University, together with the desire to explore cities and to expand my design capacity, I decided to pursue further study under the field of Urban Design in Newcastle University. I always believe that a responsible architect and urban designer needs not only a solid foundation of expertise but also a sense of city appreciation, inspiration and creativity. Best loved public spaces shape the vitality of cities. So in my all design projects, I always attached importance to public spaces’ impact on the site where people could build close relationship by public interaction. I think one-year study in Urban Design will enhance my deeper understanding of public places and improve my design skill. Really look forward to what I will learn and experience during the coming year in the UK.

More Than Design: Thought on Charrette Week

  “Charrette Week is beyond my imagination.” I said to a partner in my charrette group at the exhibition party. It’s a pity that only when it was going to be ending was I really involved in the atmosphere. As far as i’m concerned, charrette is more than design. You learn to know the material…
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