Yuqian Zhang

Hi everyone, I am Yuqian Zhang and come from China. I have previously studied BA Landscape Architecture Design. I am enjoying to know new cities and learn new lectures. Loving to explore new life and challenging myself.

The difference of landscape urbanism

At present main there are two major schools of landscape urbanism: one is the “school”, due to the limitation of its national conditions, not like China there are so many construction of new urban opportunities, so they in the practice of China’s most only stay in the land of the city and park transformation (such…
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Why do Chinese cities have wider roads than European cities?

First of all, China has a history of multiple cities, because many are precisely dominant. From the ruler’s point of view, it is neat and broad to look magnificent. Therefore, most cities in ancient Chinese history are wide roads, typical of which are changan city in the sui and tang dynasties and Beijing city in…
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What is the first word comes to your mind´╝č

When you see though the frame, what is the first word that comes to your mind? The charrette week is the start of the academic year. Students of the School of Architecture, Planning and School of Art & Cultures will join together to run a series of week- long projects. In 2019 charrette week, the…
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