My name is ZIJIAN ZHENG, nickname is Gin (not a drinking). I am from China, I love myths and legends all over the world, I often browse through different myths and legends on the Internet or in books, such as King Arthur's legends, Japanese myths and so on, so I'd love to see the most representative places in every place, My undergraduate is urban planning in South China Agriculture University, the reason for choosing this course is that I found the planning in my hometown should be improve especially the street and public space, and I wanted to study further, so I chose urban design. Working in a workshop is a very interesting thing for me, because I prefer to make handmade models, and I prefer to make handmade pieces when I have time. I think I'm weak in researching and design concepts, especially in connecting concepts to my own design, I hope I can learn more in Newcastle University.

charrette week:

Charrette week was a week of innovation by art major and architecture major. During this week, all students from stage 1 to master were randomly assigned to different groups for different innovative projects. Group 7 was a “Spectacular Strategy”. Themes were film, audio and creativity. Simply speaking, it was separated into two products, a sound…
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