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Meet our Bloggers

Adil Zeynalov

Azerbaijani urban designer, interior architect and urban art & installation movement promoter. I am inspired by everything technically precise and functionally well-elaborated. I look forward to share my expertise, vision and evaluation of various urban designs. “Hard work opens doors and shows the world that you are serious about being one of those rare - and special - human beings who use the fullness of their talents to do their very best” – Robin S. Scharma.

Alfanto Ganang

Hi, I came from Indonesia and currently study in Urban design in Newcastle. Architecture always fascinated me since I was a child and I always curious with the place making and the reason behind it. In my country we have huge challenge to urban problem and I want to learn more from various place and try to improve my knowledge to make better environment.

Ameeta Ladwa

Born in UK, raised in Tanzania and in my later years studied in India has made me a culturally and socially diverse person. The exposure I have received from my family in the construction business inspired me to pursue my career in architecture. I did my Part 1 in Newcastle University and currently in my last year of March course. My interests lie in observing the Informal urban settings that can bring a unique characteristic to a city or as an individual.

Andrew Hoi Kei Fong

A Chinese MA Urban Design student, born and raised in Newcastle. Alongside my studies, I work on projects that retrofit/renovate buildings, giving them life again. I am passionate about urban design and architectural studies in the ever-changing environment of today with a focus on smart and sustainable communities. I am an aspiring designer, looking for opportunities to develop my skill set through new challenges, projects, and work. I look forward to sharing my views surrounding urban design within this blog!

Arief Isrefidianto

An Indonesian architect and urbanism with five eyes, given pairs, pairs of glasses, and one on the lens in 18-200 mm. Traveller that tells the experience about temporary living in many places through photos, reflecting it into a concept and transform it by design as the result

Ben Johnson

Enthusiast in all things pretty and urban. Born and raised in Middlesbrough. Graduated in Newcastle studying architecture and urban planning, now doing my MA in Urban Design to further my interest in making the world a better place.

Charlotte O'Dea

A 6th year architecture student with a desire to design. I am particularly interested in how we can improve the wellbeing of people whilst simultaneously improving the health of the environment through design. Sustainability is an area I am passionate about and I am interested in learning how this is approached at an urban, as well as architectural, scale.

Furkan Saglam

A Turkish urban planner and MA Urban Design student. Passionate about the analyzing process, both planning and design. Interested in behavioural psychology and perception/cognition studies related to public spaces. I believe understanding people's behaviours and perceptions is the key to understanding public spaces.

Karina Wootten

Born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, with a mix of English/Indonesian heritage. Moved to Newcastle to get the qualifications to achieve my dream of becoming a worldwide urban designer and masterplanner. I'm an MA Urban Design student with a particular interest in creating sustainable places for both people and the environment.

Kate Chambers

Originally from Hertfordshire, I'm now living in Newcastle for a fourth year. With a background in Urban Planning, but now studying MA Urban Design. With the issue of climate change being a prominent challenge to overcome, I have an ambition to be at the forefront of creating sustainable places for both people of today and the future.

Lucy Hartley

Currently in my final year of the MArch degree studying Architecture, I have also completed my undergraduate course in BA Architecture here at Newcastle University. I chose the accelerated Urban Design course as my elective module as I am aware that in practice we are faced with issues from the urban environment constantly and I strive to develop a fundamental understanding of these concerns and concepts, as Architecture and Urban Design are very much integrated with one another.

Matthew Smith

When I was 9 I used to make buildings out of card board and my mum told me "Architects do that". Therefore due to my mother's inspirational words, 15 years later I am in my final year of studying the subject of architecture, hoping to venture out into the big wide world changing skylines as I go.

Michael Robinson

Newcastle MArch student, having previously studied BA Architecture at Brighton, I’m enrolled on the accelerated Urban Design course because if the urban environment is the most sustainable model for an increasing world population, if more of us are destined to live in cities, what are the myriad of solutions which might make the city a humane place to live? Is Urban Design a solution? Who is elected to take charge of our urban spaces and why do they end up like they do?

Muhammad Ogunniyi

currently studying Architecture at Newcastle on the M Arch programme. Prior to this, I spent 4 years in Bristol studying architecture and planning. Originally from Lagos, I have also spent some time working in the megacity. I am passionate about the perception of places,working with and for people/communities, Heritage and Re-use. In my spare time, I like to enjoy my family and friends, as well as football... and going to new places whenever I find time to do so.

Nadine Landes

Originally from Manchester but always on the move to a new city. Living in Amsterdam showed me the importance of putting cyclists before car users, pushing the boundaries between public/private space and the exciting new world of floating sustainable architecture. Lisbon introduced me to a beautifully European approach to restoring charming buildings and how to fully utilise public spaces. But it was Melbourne which broke my heart to leave. Constantly praised for being one of the world’s most liveable cities; it’s the quirky cafes spilling onto busy lane-ways, graffiti covered streets, the free tram network, new art installations popping up...

Naomi White

I'm a student studying MArch at Newcastle, having done a BArch at Nottingham and a couple of years working at a practice in London. Originally from Lancashire I'm more of a country bumpkin at heart, however I really therefore value the careful planning of cities which bring green spaces and life into the urban environment. I'm also a strong admirer of the people orientated studies of Jane Jacobs and Jan Gehl.

Niamh Caverhill

Hi, I’m Niamh and I’m a sixth year Architecture Student at Newcastle University. After studying my undergraduate in University of Manchester, I’m enjoying getting to know a new course and a new city up here in the North East. My interest in architecture revolves strongly around history and culture, and love supplementing these with the socio-economic topics of study which Urban Design centres around. Hopefully, you’ll love reading my posts!

Nicholas Green

A Stage 6 MArch Architecture Masters student. Having spent my formative years in Bath, I was inspired by the Georgian, Classical and Contemporary architecture of one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, yet its successes in Urban Design are just as impressive. Moving to the North East was just to be the start of my travels around the world. This hobby, that became a passion, that became a career, helped inspire my ethos that design for a place must involve immersion of oneself into that place, and the user must be its beating heart.

Polawat Rujirawinijchai

My name is Mark. My educational background is urban design and development from Thailand, and now I am an MA Urban Design student. I am interested in how the future cities are going to integrate with the innovation and technology by concerning sustainable development. Learning urban design in Western cities contexts is a new challenge, I would like to learn and understand the diversity of people's cultures, lifestyles, and their cities.

Rebecca Byren

Aloha! I'm Becky from Oxford and I am passionate about heritage and conservation. I completed my BArch at Oxford Brookes in 2017 before moving to Bath where I worked for an experienced conservation firm in Somerset. I am currently an MArch student at Newcastle where I really enjoy hand drawing and illustration. My latest passion? Blogging...

Shuai Yan

Hello, I am from China. My major is urban design. When i was a child, my father always play with me Lego building block which accompanied me through my childhood. Since then, I have vowed to become an excellent urban planner. I have come to Newcastle to study. I hope that I will receive a lot of goods in this year, and I also hope to share my knowledge with others.

Tara Keswick

Hi, I’m Tara, a Master of Architecture student in my sixth year. I studied my undergraduate degree at the University of Bath and grew up in Hertfordshire. I think that reusing buildings and minimising new material usage and production, is the most sustainable approach to development. Our heritage and existing buildings have great social value in our communities and it’s important that we conserve, develop and use these spaces. These buildings must evolve with societal changes so that are viable developments in contemporary society whilst being maintained so they can be enjoyed for future generations.

Van Abner Consul

Just an ordinary lad who like cities, towns and fish and chips. Im originally from Philippines and migrated in the UK 9 years ago. I’m an MA Urban Design student who is interested on the topics of mitigation and resilience to tackle the issues of climate change and wider societal issues. With these topics in mind, I am keen on testing and applying mitigation and resilience into design projects for MAUD. I have a noble dream to work closely with people who are in settlements and have an impact into their daily lives.

Victoria Ellis

Hi, I’m Tori, a 6th year MArch student at Newcastle University. Enhancing the lives of others is my passion. Architecture is the medium I hope to achieve this through. John Rawls and Richard Rogers concepts that a fair society needs designing through a ‘veil of ignorance’, arranging affairs ‘without knowing what your position would be – rich or poor, handsome or ugly, healthy or ill’ has particularly influenced my design ethos. As our societal inequality gap and environmental crisis exacerbates, I’m keen to actively engage with communities, politics and cultures, to create urban environments for all citizens, indiscriminate of circumstance.

Yuqian Zhang

Hi everyone, I am Yuqian Zhang and come from China. I have previously studied BA Landscape Architecture Design. I am enjoying to know new cities and learn new lectures. Loving to explore new life and challenging myself.

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