Case Studies of Green Open Space

  In urban area, green open space usually plays an essential role in ecological and social aspects. Here is two simple case studies illustrating some advantages of the green open space. The first case named Urban Prairie, is located in … Continue reading

Lessons from the Failure of Sport-Led Regeneration in Sheffield

Image 1:Don Valley Stadium (source: bbc) Cities around the globe are renewing themselves by constructing huge, multipurpose stadiums with adjacent athletic facilities. Sport-led regeneration will include facilities for indoor games such as  tennis and gymnastics. Also, a sports academy with … Continue reading

Open Space Network in Sheffield

  When we are talking about the high quality open spaces in Britain cities, it is hard to ignore the Gold Route in Sheffield, which is an essential network of open spaces located in the City Centre. Including a series … Continue reading

Creating community with space in Newcastle Hunter’s Moor

Based on the percedents studies and analysis of the sourounding area, I aim to create a community with different level of privacy of space, which can satisfy all people’s need.     So the concept is to use a green … Continue reading

Design as a catalyst for Social Sustainability.

While researching on various precedents for my thesis regarding sustainable mixed use planning, I came across the example of Highlands Garden Village in Denver, Colorado and I found this to be one of the most well implemented and maintained examples … Continue reading

Space in the community

As we known, the level of privacy of space can be divided into private space, semi-private space, semi-public space and public space. In this series kind of space, considering about the privacy, it starts with private space such as rear … Continue reading

Lessons from traditional Chinese courtyard house


Traditional Chinese courtyard house is one kind of courtyard building which has a long history and great influence on the modern building. It is like a box, all the rooms were settled around a yard in the middle, and the … Continue reading

Sustainable Mixed Use Planning.

My thesis aims at creating a mixed use development in Pune, India; and in this post, I have tried to describe the main planning objectives that designers should be aware of in order to make the development as sustainable as … Continue reading

Commercial Square Becomes Important in Urban Life

  In a city, the square is an important node in the urban space, with being beneficial to the urban ecological environment, and provide residents an open space for outdoor activities. Also, the city square, as an important part of … Continue reading

QuarryGate Compact Neighbourhood Design Proposal

My design thesis focuses on a sustainable compact neighbourhood in Gateshead. In recent years, the population has been rising in both Gateshead and Newcastle. There will be a need for new high quality housing in NewcastleGateshead in the future, however, … Continue reading

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