Cohousing was a new concept of alternative housing that I was unfamiliar with before I undertook a housing module in second semester. Cohousing is a form of alternative housing. The number of dwellings in a cohousing scheme is generally between … Continue reading

Creating Places for People

As urban designers are jobs are to create places for people, to live work and enjoy. However there are many places that have been designed that are not used as much as they were intended to by people. Many public … Continue reading

Smalls Towns Competing With Big Cities

Since the industrial revolution many small towns have been struggling to compete with their neighbouring big cities, for investment and tourism (to name a few). The big cities such as: Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield etc. have found it easy to … Continue reading

Dubai designers “paradise”?

The Middle East in particular Dubai is fast becoming the world’s most visually striking metropolis.  Just the mention of Dubai, and we instantly think of sky scrapers, crazy buildings and man-made islands.  Compared to many cities in the world, Dubai … Continue reading

The dilemma urban public space faced, lack of humanistic?


    It is general believed that urban public space is the most important part of city; however the modern development of city is facing a dilemma. On the one side, the demand of using public space has increased dramatically, … Continue reading

Making the ordinary better

Executive Summary_The Farrell Review.pdf

The Farrell Review I have been reading the Farrell Review and one of the sections in particular has caught my attention. So i wanted to share it with you guys. Why are landscape, urban design and public art overlooked? Landscaping, urban … Continue reading

Urban design and THE STREET

Have you ever thought about how the street is a regulator of human activity? Whenever we step outside a building and enter the street, our behavior is subconsciously influenced by the street. The street is much more than sidewalks, roads and a mean … Continue reading

Designing out crime


I have always been very interested in the way our built environment can help reduce or create crime in our neighbourhoods. Since the 1960s, there have been many new approaches and theories towards crime reduction and crime prevention through environmental … Continue reading

Vanke 5th Garden : Combining Modern with Tradition in China


  It is known that Chinese architecture and landscape have a long history and play an essential role in the East Asian civilisation. Nowadays, Chinese architects are trying to combine the tradition with modern. However, in Chinese architecture, some only … Continue reading

Paley Park – Pocket Urban Oasis


Paley Park, completed and opened in 1967, is designed by the modern American landscape architect Robert Zion and his Zion and Breen Associates, Inc. Located in Midtown Manhattan (New York, US), it covers an area of ​​390 square meters(12m × … Continue reading

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