Form of Masterplan for Amble

  Through creating masterplan to Amble where is my thesis site, I stepped four levels to develop in order to figure out the details. At the first visiting in Amble, I was able to observe possibilities and potential with fundamental elements … Continue reading

Example regarding to Walkability in Sheffield


I have visited cities and compact towns in the UK to observe and experience what they look like and their characters. In terms of walkability, Sheffield has impressive project called ‘Gold Route’ identified in the 1994 City Centre Strategy. The … Continue reading

Principles for Rural development

When we address a site to develop, we have to research what is needed and improved based on local and the site characteristic in need. These accumulated criteria are set into the site goals based on principles to achieve its purpose … Continue reading

Experience During Masters Degree

During my time on this course I have learnt many skills and gained knowledge on subjects that I had previously had no knowledge of.  Having come from planning background I knew that undertaking this Masters degree would be pretty tough … Continue reading

Popularity in Themed Places

When thinking about themed places many tend to automatically think of theme parks or attractions parks, which are targeted towards young children. However this is not entirely the case. Yes there are themed places aimed at children but there are … Continue reading

South Staiths in Gateshead, UK

It is a community project located in Gateshead, UK, the site area is approximately 16.18ha. In this community, it provides different house types like house, flat and apartments and the typical unit area ranges from 46.9 sq.m to 130 sq.m. … Continue reading

Case Studies of Green Open Space

  In urban area, green open space usually plays an essential role in ecological and social aspects. Here is two simple case studies illustrating some advantages of the green open space. The first case named Urban Prairie, is located in … Continue reading

Lessons from the Failure of Sport-Led Regeneration in Sheffield

Image 1:Don Valley Stadium (source: bbc) Cities around the globe are renewing themselves by constructing huge, multipurpose stadiums with adjacent athletic facilities. Sport-led regeneration will include facilities for indoor games such as  tennis and gymnastics. Also, a sports academy with … Continue reading

Open Space Network in Sheffield

  When we are talking about the high quality open spaces in Britain cities, it is hard to ignore the Gold Route in Sheffield, which is an essential network of open spaces located in the City Centre. Including a series … Continue reading

Creating community with space in Newcastle Hunter’s Moor

Based on the percedents studies and analysis of the sourounding area, I aim to create a community with different level of privacy of space, which can satisfy all people’s need.     So the concept is to use a green … Continue reading

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