Rio is one of the most important cities in South America and also one of the most recognized in the world. During my visit to the “Marvelous City” in 2016, Rio was in the final preparations to host the Summer Olympic Games, an event that would mark a before and after in its urban development…
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LONDON UNCOVERED: Ghosts of the Past

London Uncovered is a series of blog posts that reveal London’s lesser known facts. In my previous blog post I explored the lost rivers of this magnificent city. The current blog post will give you a glimpse into some ghosts of the past, which at their time were important drivers of the London’s city life …
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The walls of one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world, London, have got many stories to tell. The city that was originally founded by Romans as Londinium and withstood a number of devastating historical events , now represents a place where the past meets the future. As many other ancient settlements,…
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Summary of Blogging Experience in Semester 1

I’m happy that I could say at the end of this semester: I got a new skill to study better through writing blogs. Writing blogs was a difficult starting for me. But when I found an interest topic for myself, it was a gradual process for me. These blogs in this semester are my first…
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A Reflective Summary: Blogging Experience in Semester One

  The blogging experience in semester one is my first-time attempt to create the academic blogs. I enjoyed reading blogs before, but this is a new challenge for me to write one by myself. The lectures under the module Principles and Practices of Urban Design have provided us a lot of brilliant topics and theories…
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Reflexive summary: My blogging experience

The module Principles and Practice of Urban Design was one of the most enjoyable modules. We were introduced to a number of inspirational lectures on various topics from sustainable urban transport to wellbeing in urban setting. The task was to write a blog on selected lectures, developing the theme further by doing some academic research….
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Reflexive Summary: My experience of blogging

Being the first time, I have ever written a blog I can admit I was relatively nervous about putting my work on to the internet for anyone to see. It always baffled me how people were able to freely write about a topic over the internet with such confidence, and after writing my first strict…
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Reflexive Summary: Blogging

Helping to run and write for the NCL Urban Design blog this semester has been an interesting experience. For most of this semester I feel as though the emphasis has been more on the ‘running’ of the blog rather than on the writing element (and I suspect this is why many of our blogs have been…
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Comments on Tokyo Vertical Garden City by Tomonaga Kosaku

In the post, Tomo has introduced us the vertical garden city in Tokyo. He mentions that sustainability has become a significant factor applied in urban design. In order to develop the city as a sustainable city, Tokyo government has tried to design the city as a green city first. However, due to the large population…
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