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Hi, my name is Ciaran. I am currently in the process of completing my final year of the Architecture Masters course at Newcastle University, as I continue to progress towards becoming a fully qualified architect. As part of my studies, I chose to undertake a series of modules in Urban Design alongside my Architecture work, primarily because I feel the two subjects are very closely interrelated. I believe studying both disciplines will significantly benefit my development as a well-rounded designer, whilst also helping to inform my Architecture thesis work in terms of the wider context of the built environment.

Some of my main interests related to Urban Design include the ways in which the urban realm can be utilised informally and unconventionally, where its users may redefine the principal purpose of a space, contrary to its original use. Furthermore, the role urban spaces play in hosting temporal events such as festivals, markets and art installations also interests me, particularly where cities can offer unique backdrops that enhance the event itself.

My name is Laura Oviedo. I am 26 years old, and I am from the Dominican Republic, a small, beautiful island in the Caribbean. I’ve graduated from Architecture School on September 2015 at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I am passionate about Urban Design, specifically community involved design of public spaces. I define myself as a creative, adaptable, self-motivated and down to earth individual, driven by a humanist sparkle.

What I want to achieve through this Master is to stamp in each urban design project the identity of the community that inhabits, builds and transforms it. To turn the places between buildings into vivid places that attract people because they combine a series of conditions that make them memorable and invite you to experience them. To motivate other Architects to modify that old-fashioned way of designing, enclosed in a workshop, arbitrarily proposing what a community needs or not, for one in which we directly engage with the experts, the people.

Hi, my name is Li Hsuan Hung. You can also call me Danilo. I’m the student currently studying in Urban Design of Newcastle University. Since I studied undergraduate in my home country, I’ve been interested and curious about the sophisticated structure of a city. Especially, different cities’ forms and their histories attract me a lot. Inspired from ‘Pattern Language’ and ‘The Image of the City,’ I would like to record every single place and feel how it affects the change on physical and perceptible aspects in the city personally. For me, diverse spaces could be seen as signs that bring the image to people (signifier) then influence people to act differently (signified). I’m glad to share any story and happy if you like to share any of your opinion about urban design or the sense of spaces.

Hello! My name is Mudit and I am from India. I graduated from NIT Nagpur in India with a degree in Bachelors of Architecture followed by a year working as an Architect in design based company in India. As an architect I pay more attention to the details of buildings and its surrounding places. Currently I am studying a postgraduate degree in urban design at Newcastle University.
For me urban design is form of interactive art. The main purpose of studying urban design is to improve the vision of looking at different urban spaces and designing new public spaces in the city. In urban design, I find the opportunity to express and develop my strengths and abilities. The idea is to design a marvel like great men and women did with a significant function that leads its path to creativity and art, by blending human needs with nature. It is this zeal to change the trend that triggered me to pursue urban design after my graduation.
Apart from the university, I enjoy playing sports such as cricket and table tennis. I love to move around the city in my spare time. And I also like to spend most of my time with my friends playing sports.

Originally from a village in Lincolnshire, I became interested in the study of Urban Design during my undergraduate degree in Architecture and Urban Planning at Newcastle, both through the content of the course and a discovered fascination in the way the city handled all aspects of life. This concept of the liveable city is of particular interest to me and designing for social inclusivity and environmental responsibility underpins all the work I do.

"Hi, my name is Richard, and I am currently studying a Master of Architecture (MArch), with urban design as my elective module.

I am fascinated by the many interconnections and ecologies that form our urban environment, and I believe quite strongly in the importance of understanding and analysing the built environment from micro to macro scales.

Particular interests of mine include modern economy in the urban environment, ecological design, and social infrastructures."

Hello! My name is Sutong and I come from Chengdu, a city with profound history in China. It is my fourth year studying at Newcastle University as I completed my undergraduate study in Architecture and Urban Planning (AUP) here and now I am continuing my study in MA Urban Design. The previous three-year study was a fulfilling journey that allowed me to explore significant ideas about architecture and cities and has aroused my strong interest in urban design.
I lived in Singapore for more than three years before I came to the UK. Studying in foreign countries allows me to explore diverse cultures and experience the charm and various characteristics of different cities. I appreciate the benefits that cities provide us, and I am particularly interested in improving the quality of built environment as it is closely related to the quality of our daily life. I believe that urban design should respect local conditions and reflect the unique local characteristics.

Hello! My name is Sydney and I am an international exchange student from Canada. Back home I study urban planning at the University of Waterloo with a specialization in urban design. Particularly I am interested in the concept of space, and how it can evoke particular emotions to its users. Recently I have focused upon Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design; a multi-facet approach to reduce criminal activities in public areas through urban design strategies. I have previously worked in the urban design industry producing creative infill development solutions to a bound, growing City; as well as for a large design consulting firm producing urban mixed-use development. I enjoy travelling and taking photos of interesting spaces. I find Newcastle a beautiful City to live and look forward to the ideas and knowledge I can bring home with me.

Hello, my name is Winnie Wong and I am a local born Chinese Geordie! I decided to do my MA Urban Design at Newcastle University, after graduating from my Bachelors in Architecture and Urban Planning in summer 2018; from the same university. I wanted to stay in the city because I believe that there are a lot of opportunities for development and would like to be part of that process. An area of Urban Design that I find interesting are the definitions of public and private space, which led me to focus my dissertation on the unused spaces for future homes in a populated city. My interests stemmed further in to public furniture after I voluntarily designed some modal filters for the Transport Department at Newcastle City Council. During my spare time I enjoy doing photography, volunteering at Vane Gallery and taking part in creative events. I hope you will understand me more through reading my blog post!

It's a pleasure for me to be here to present myself. I’m Xinmin Yan, as known as Yvette. I previously studied BSc Urban and Rural Planning in my hometown, Nanjing. It is the first time and exactly a challenge for me to study abroad.

What makes me not afraid to come here, is probably the interest for urban design. Coming from an ancient capital of China where preserves several historical districts with strong cultural contexts, I am particularly passionate about the transformation and upgrading of ancient architectural communities, especially coordinating urban spaces, architectural spaces and human activity spaces through using a modern and technical method in order to establish a sustainable urban environment for citizens.

Outside of Urban Design, I am attempting to make my life flavored, like learning how to cook, traveling more. I hope that when I recall the time in Newcastle later, I will think it is a meaningful and memorable period.

Hello! My name is Yali Gao and you can call me Grace, the same meaning as my Chinese name. In light of the knowledge that I have received in Architecture of Xiamen University, together with the desire to explore cities and to expand my design capacity, I decided to pursue further study under the field of Urban Design in Newcastle University. I always believe that a responsible architect and urban designer needs not only a solid foundation of expertise but also a sense of city appreciation, inspiration and creativity. Best loved public spaces shape the vitality of cities. So in my all design projects, I always attached importance to public spaces’ impact on the site where people could build close relationship by public interaction. I think one-year study in Urban Design will enhance my deeper understanding of public places and improve my design skill. Really look forward to what I will learn and experience during the coming year in the UK.

My name is ZIJIAN ZHENG, nickname is Gin (not a drinking). I am from China, I love myths and legends all over the world, I often browse through different myths and legends on the Internet or in books, such as King Arthur's legends, Japanese myths and so on, so I'd love to see the most representative places in every place, My undergraduate is urban planning in South China Agriculture University, the reason for choosing this course is that I found the planning in my hometown should be improve especially the street and public space, and I wanted to study further, so I chose urban design. Working in a workshop is a very interesting thing for me, because I prefer to make handmade models, and I prefer to make handmade pieces when I have time. I think I'm weak in researching and design concepts, especially in connecting concepts to my own design, I hope I can learn more in Newcastle University.

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