Comment to “Compact City, Mixed-used Development: Liveable Cities?”

Thanks Li-Hsuan, for making a post to discuss the important topics of compact city and mixed-used development. I agree that compact urban form and mixed land use are determinants of liveability and urban sustainability. Although there are many architects and urban planners advocate the concept of compact city and working on the practice of sustainable…
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Comment to “Compact City, Mixed-used Development: Livable Cities?”

Thanks, Li-Hsuan Hung, for making a post about compact city and mixed-use development! By comparing the urban sprawl in Mumbai, India, and the intensive development of New York, USA, he concluded “Sprawling cities decline quality of life; compact, mixed-use developments yield economic and social benefits.” In fact, compact cities have various definitions. Mclaren (1992) argued…
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Compact City, Mixed-used Development: Livable Cities?

Introduction The concept of Compact City makes people think about the effect of garden city and urban development in the new generation. Two classic cases bellowing could show the importance of compact city as a key idea for cities to develop sustainably.