Compact City, Mixed-used Development: Livable Cities?

Introduction The concept of Compact City makes people think about the effect of garden city and urban development in the new generation. Two classic cases bellowing could show the importance of compact city as a key idea for cities to develop sustainably.

The Road: A Public Territory?

Introduction: What is the idea of urban transport? Is it simply a trendy system, or towards the future of sustainable development and sharing road surfaces? In the present day the road can reflect segregation between car, pedestrian and cyclists. There is a hierarchy present. Perhaps, the road before the New Age would present much more…
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Modernity has rapidly transformed our culture to one that is obsessive over consumption and technology. In this process, society has distorted how we see and use the urban realm. Both Rem Koolhaas and Renier de Graaf assert that architecture was lost in the twentieth century. If the urban environment manifest from architecture, have we lost…
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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or “CPTED”, is a globally recognized design practice of using physical psychology to deter potential for crime. The term originates from early works of city philosopher Jane Jacobs, architect Oscar Newman, and criminologist C.R Jeffreys (Queensland Government, 2017); suggesting strong correlation to city design and how users behave. But can…
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Urban Design with Mental Wellbeing in Mind

The concept of mindfulness is not one that fits most people’s definition of the city environment, more often associated with density, intensity and to many, stress. However, as mental wellbeing comes to the forefront of global discussion, and the urban population continues to rise, the responsibility falls on Urban Designers to create spaces which nurture…
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Studying Urban Design in Another Country

Arriving in Newcastle as a foreign exchange student I was not entirely sure what to expect. Over the past four years, I have studied Urban Planning and Design in Canada; where I grew up and hope to someday make a difference as an urban designer. Would urban design be similar to what I had learnt…
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A Spec of Colour

An aspect of urban design that I want to share is the use of colour in the public space. I wonder why colour is not often used in the public arena. The use of colour can be defined as colourscape and can be used to activate spaces, providing character to an area but also linking…
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