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There is tradition when new design students of Newcastle University to celebrate the beginning of new academic calendar. All student had welcoming party that called “Charrette Week”, was started at 30 September 2019 until 4 October 2019. This event aimed to explore the creativity of undergraduates or master level to collaborative workshop. This year theme is “High Street” and at the end of week it has been publish by mini exhibition.

There are at least 16 themes that provided by the committee. Every student should pick three themes and the committee will put them randomly into one of specific theme. Each theme involving about 20 students across the creative disciplines that they worked for the first time. In particularly, the committee split it into small groups that containing 4-5 students.

It was challenging for me. I was joined in a 4 students group that discussing the theme called “What Lies Behind”. This theme objective is to thinking about the issue of fashion, home-ware, or accessories product foot prints, that it has possibility to contribute into serious climate change. There are big massively amount production on it dramatically increase recently. One of the triggers is the smart phone plays an inherent role attracting people to get online consume. This theme mission is to provoke students to create new garment, home-ware or accessories from re-cycle materials. It was looked likes a popular project for some people, but it was specific idea to produce creative goods that can be use in daily activity.

My team project was creating something simple but essential stuff. We have a rapid survey at some shops in Into Eldon Square and we found inspiration idea. Our idea was simple, we will make some iconic goods in small space or room. It should be put at the table top or hanging into the ceiling, so we thinking about an iconic lamp. In simple terms, lamp is simple thing that it can highlighted itself. No need sign to tell them, but it can be showing up automatically. Then, we had planning to create 4 types of lamps, it means each student on one design.

In particularly my project, I called “The Frying Lamp”, are composed by useless two kitchen utensils, a boil bowl and a frying pan. I also combined with other materials, such aluminium material that came from soft drink cans. To assembling all of materials, I also adding some materials that I found in the street recycle bin, such as wooden toys, plastic, wood, and ropes. It was very simple that I have done, just like a plug and play with super glue. All main materials were assembled and forming standing table lamp. I also decorating the lamp with ornaments that made by small pieces of soft drink cans aluminium. Finally, the steam-punk standing lamp, can be turned on by AAA batteries LED lamp.

It was only need 2 days to make it done. I still have 3 days left before the exhibition begin. I had been producing other products and it is a compliment in fashion: accessories. Now, I called “Labels on labels” that some stuffs were made from basic label material and combining with other label materials. My first experiment is making a watch straps from waste materials. I was made it from coke cans that had been cut off in strap watch pattern and connected by two paper clips. The strap idea is attached with a popular smart watch, but I do not have it to make in initial proposal, so I pretend simulating the smart watch using small piece of cubic wood that I got it from the workshop warehouse rubbish. On the other hand, there is a great opportunity to attached companies, to make marketing promotion their products together in the future, it is cool isn’t it? My last product is a tote bag, that made from two different size also different products of potatoes snack plastics. I put a holder hand in each side, made from top of ordinary plastic bag that make easier to carry. All of this main idea concept message is to encourage all of factory, to help each other, to reinforce each other, to take care of the environment so we can help the world become a better place to living.

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