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Charrette week

School of architecture planning and landscape on the first semester of the study create charrette weeks that all of the students participate and making some project and presenting what they made in exhibition in the end of the week. This year The students divided into 15 small group and given certain theme to present and do some research or handcrafted artwork that correlate with the theme. All of the groups accompanied by curator from professional world to guide the students.

For My theme that I got is “A measure of Health”, this theme is to introduce research in measuring health of high street with new social method and try to conclude from the research. We already know physical measuring of health in some place with using the standard of health parameter such as sanitation, sewage, Number of occupants, and etc. But in this charrette we try to look on the another perspective of social health impacting the people in this area and what they think about our measuring.

The place that we choose for case study is Coatsworth Road in Gateshead. This place is quite old neighborhood that contains multi ethnicity and have dense suburb area. This high street contains various shop and restaurants and have several chain link shop and banks.

We try to measure health from Noise pollution that occurs in a cross Coatsworth Road. Noise pollution can be harm without people realized.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is unwanted sound that occurs every time in the certain interval that can cause heath problem in our body.Sound waves are vibrations of air molecules carried from a noise source to the ear. Sound is typically described in terms of the loudness (amplitude) and the pitch (frequency) of the wave. Loudness (also called sound pressure level, or SPL) is measured in logarithmic units called decibels (dB). The normal human ear can detect sounds that range between 0 dB (hearing threshold) and about 140 dB, with sounds between 120dB and 140 dB causing pain (pain threshold). The ambient SPL in a library is about 35 dB, while that inside a moving bus or subway train is roughly 85 dB;

Measuring noise

What we are doing to measure the noise is put several devices for measure how much the noise and measure it in some part of the street. We try to measure the loudest part in the street such as the junction and we also measure the sound of park and bird song. We take the data in various time from day until night

Social Experiment

After we capture the sound and we make collage of the sound to show some variation in the sound we recorded. At the other day we make exhibition to the site. We asked several people to listen to the sound collage and record them. They must to do hand gesture if the sound pleasant to their mind they will doing downward hand gesture if they feel unpleasant they do upward hand gesture. And we collected several people reactions to the sound. And asking about what their opinion and tell them the sound taking from their neighbourhood. We collected the data of people reaction and try to make conclusion of this data.


We take conclusion from our experiment that many of them are not aware with the noise that over the threshold of normal sound. They seem can tolerate the noise because of they hear the sound every day. We assume this could happen for many years. And unconsciously it can affect their mental health.

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