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When you see though the frame, what is the first word that comes to your mind?

The charrette week is the start of the academic year. Students of the School of Architecture, Planning and School of Art & Cultures will join together to run a series of week- long projects. In 2019 charrette week, the theme is – HIGHSTREET.

There were 16 charrette groups, and I participated in the “RE-MEDI-ATE” group which leaded bu Dr Louise Mackenzie and Lyn Hagan. In that week, we were expected to design a semi- finished work, then engage to the community to finished our work. The aim was to react with people and observe the responsibilities of people.
So our group decided to show three empty frames on the high street and ask their thoughts about the three frame. The reason why we decided to do that was we would like to see that how people could react with the art work, and what would they express in front of the street? The three empty frames were different size and painted in different colors. At the first, people looked at the frame with a big question mark “??”. They might think that what are they doing right on the middle? Some people just went straight to us ask: “what is this frame for?”
We just provided a piece of paper and a pen. When people saw thought different size of frame, different experiences might appear. Some people wrote the specific things, such as: trees, people, chairs and girls. Some people wrote down their emotions, like weird, despair, happiness, smile and youth.
After that, we stitched those small paper together, and displayed the three frames. We found that, most people would come up with a specific word. So, what is the first thing comes to your mind when you stare the frame?


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