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The blog formula is an intriguing structure, offering a more conversational tone to our work. It has also offered opportunity to link together our research in a less formal environment. By far the most challenging aspect of the task has been defining a writing style in which the blog could become the rather odd blend of relaxed anecdote and reference writing. Maybe akin to a newspaper column? The tone has, I’ve found, been hard to define.
One of the great strengths of this ‘blog’, is that Urban Design is a course made up of students with a myriad of experiences. The topics therefore have been varied and opinions at odds. This strength it would be lovely to see exploited. A disruptive voice could be far better than a coherent one, more engaging at least.
The most important aspect of this blog however, is that it begins to allow us students to question how we interact with the outside world and how the outside world may respond. We must understand that Architecture and Urban Design is a field that happily isolates itself in teaching and in practice, communicating in its own drawn language and maintaining a cult like group of followers. Architectural practice does need to communicate better, because we are suggesting reform and re-invention of our public space at a grand scale. We discuss profound change and we aim to do good in this world. However without outlets, will we ever discuss these ambitions with real people? Is what we suggest really what is needed?
The process has been an enjoyable one and I certainly have approached writing in a different, maybe not successful but hopefully engaging way than I have previously.


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