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Well said this semester I was got brightness in urban knowledge as well. It is not only in urban theories but also experiences from other student’s perspective cross countries who have shared in this blog. I was never though urban’s issues was soo complicated, and it was encouraging all aspects, such as social, low, politic, economic, culture, education, even in engineering details.

I still expected this blog would become more enjoyable to be reading as part of urban study references. According to international MAUD mission course, this blog should be enriched by urban issues around the world.  It is needed more divers cases from other UK and EU countries. This point is significant, at least to see how those urban theories are works well, or it is causing a disaster. There are must found some differences in the circumstance in every country, especially countries at developed countries and developing countries. Thus, in this blog semester, I wrote two issues that I found outside the UK and EU, particularly in the Middle East (Dubai here) and North Africa (Morocco here). It will be continued in next semester blog that it could be more details in housing, public space, pedestrian, and might be one of them are part of my projects experiences. I will be waiting for the urban problems that come from America, Australia, Africa, and also Asia. Well, see you soon on other pages!


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