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In this blog module I feel very challenging to the task to make writing about urban design theme. The module consists of series lecture that have significant impact in knowledge of urban design. In this lecture I gained various insight that I need to know in correlating with designing and observe urban phenomenon in latest trends. In this past few decades’ Urban fabric evolve rapidly because rapid growth of information technology and more advanced in transportation technology infrastructure. But in others side we challenge Climate change and massive environment degradation. This issue I hope become more concerning among us to sustain the environment.


The most interesting part is I try to see how architecture and urban design totally different. With this blog we try to tell a s story that need understanding of urban problem. Especially I try to seek Urban problem in my country. I find positive knowledge for city development in Europe that I hope that I can use for change or fix urban problem in my country. So, I try to look about phenomenon that happened in my country and try to make conclusion in the base of the theory that I got from the lecture.


From the experience of making blog this is the first time I write a blog. And this is great experience with different style of writing also I can get many of information from my other colleges that have different point of view about Urban development and city. For the last, I want to say thank you to all who read my blog and I hope my writing can give information to the readers.

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