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I had never written a blogpost until I wrote my first one for this page. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the experience, or if it was something I would enjoy, or even what the right or wrong way to write a blogpost was. Although, over the duration of this experience, I came to realise that that is exactly what I enjoy about writing a blog – there is no right or wrong way to blogging, instead it is an adaptable platform that can be moulded to fit the writer. I find this assignment to be more creative and personal than other writing assignments I have completed, and this is down to the blog style of writing. Additionally, I also enjoyed the collaboration that the blog has allowed us to have between each other, through being given the ability to comment on one another’s posts to challenge or support their views, as well as sharing our own posts with others to see and vice versa. Furthermore, whilst we are aware of our cultural and disciplinary diversity that we possess as a group, the blog has really allowed this to shine through as everyone is able to portray their perspectives with the influence of their ethnic or educational background.

In terms of the self-directed meetings, I felt as though it was good to have independence and the freedom to make the blog our own, as well as it allowing for us to have the responsibility to maintain the blog. However, one downside of these meetings were that some of the same issues were being brought up at each meeting, for example certain things continuously not getting done. I wonder if these tasks would have been treated with more urgency if they were delegated by tutors rather than students? Another criticism I would have about the blog experience is that it would have been more useful to have guidance from tutors in regards to our formative initial blogpost – I believe we should have got some sort of verbal feedback on these posts to get an idea if our writing style worked for us or not.

Moving forward, I would like to improve on portraying my personality even more through my posts, for example sharing more of my personal thoughts and how the topics I am discussing potentially affect me. However, whilst doing so, I have to remain mindful that above all it should still be an academic piece of literature. Thus, I would like to improve on finding the correct balance between expressing individual perspective and academic findings.

Overall, I would say that the blog has been an enjoyable experience so far. I think it is a much less daunting method for an academic assignment than a report or an essay, and it also encourages collaboration, which I feel creates a sense of communality for all of us. It was also a good way to break down the barriers between the MA Urban Design and MArch courses, and allowed for new interactions with new people to be made, which is not usually promoted through other means of assessments.

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