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In United Kingdom many of new housing scheme comes in new way of modern place making. In Newcastle region I want to further discuss of how this housing type can make better environment with Building for life Tool criteria. For case study I am picked Staiths South Bank, Gates head. This estate Consist of 760 housing designed by Hemingway design.


  1. Connection (Amber)

According to the master plan (image 1) the site consists of two entrance (yellow arrow)that separated with main road. This make the estate feels more exclusive with only few entrance and not connected to others neighborhood. The good part is the estate connect the cycle and pedestrian road (green arrow) along the river bank.

Image 1. Master plan estate and entrance road 

   2.Facilities and Services (Green)

In term of facilities of daily supplies, we can find in next neighborhood in Dunston area within 0.5 mile walking distance. Inside the estate they provide with play area and central court yard for people.

Image 2. Various facility of the estate

  3. Public Transport (Amber)

This area provided with local bus service in front of the estate and can easily access from the estate. In case of various mode of transport this estate more designed for resident that equipped with cars.

Image 3. Bus stop in front of Staith South Bank

  4. Meeting local housing Requirement (Green)

In Staith south bank they provide multi density development including detached house. Three floor flats and six floor flats to ensure various scheme of living from ownership to rented.

Image 4. Various typology of housing in the estate

  5. Character (Amber)

Image 5. Front fasade of the houses

This development tent to be refreshment of the character area. The shape of the housing dominated with pitch roof to form shape character. But in term of facade there a lot of various façade because this is the main concept to offer various model so there is no one of the house look the same

6. Working with the site and its context (Green)

In Staith South bank They takes advantages of the Tyne river front as a main feature of the estate. In river front area they place cycling road and landscape.

Image 6. Cycling route in front of the river

  7. Creating well designed streets and spaces (Amber)

Well-designed road and frontages makes the estate have good enclosure and they place barriers landscape in the frontage of car road to protect pedestrian. They designed small cluster of houses that facing inward to the inner communal garden.

Image 7. Integration of parking, landscape, and road

  8. Easy to finds your way around (Red)

It is not easy to find way around for people from outside because the road designed for limiting the speed of the car. The road was made with a lot of dead end to limit flow of the car.

Image 8. Typical pattern of intersection in the estate

  9. Streets for all (Green)

The street in here well designed for pedestrian and can make them interact with the resident. Because close boundary of each house connected with the pedestrian road.

Image 9. Pedestrian track covered with vegetation

  10. Car parking (Green)

For parking they designed small row parking for each cluster of the houses and make the resident encourage walking. From the parking space to their house. And make the houses not dominated by cars.

Image 10. Parking space for each cluster

  11. Public and private space (Amber)

The designer cleverly makes the separation of public street and more private space with place landscape barrier in front of car street and designed small cluster of houses.

Image 11. Place making in the estate

  12. External storage and amenity spaces (Green)

Communal bin space place each of the cluster and covered with barriers and landscape and also in this estate provided place to store bicycle.

Image 12. Garbage bin area and Bicycle storage

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